Dear Wendy's

How do i love thy Frosty? Let me count the ways:

oh, wait! It's 10 past 10; your dining room's open days.

The window-person tells me that i must have a car.

Oddly enough we're right downtown — the transport hub's not far...

and next to it a foot mall, a round-the-clock locale.

It makes one wonder who you serve, your late night clientele.

You must see all the traffic walking past your door...

"No shirt, no car, no service" ... is it ... 1994?


One iCalendar to diff them all and in the python merge them

One problem with progressing through a series of different PDA or smartphone platforms is that your data gets fragmented. As part of a general decrufting and consolidation of my data, i've been trying to merge the various iCalendar files i have (extension .ics) into a single, comprehensive, calendar. A Web search for a suitable utility didn't turn anything up, so i wrote one in python.

On the downside of a mobile phone monoculture (or: how my PDAs went extinct)

An Eulogy for the PDAs in my life

I've been musing about the popularity and proliferation of ebook readers and smart phones lately. From my observations, many students these days use their phones as their main (or perhaps only) access to email, Facebook, Twitter and other amazing products of Internet technology, bringing communication in the digital age full circle. (Applications to apps, phones to phones?)

Drupal Tip

Deleting masses of unapproved spam comments in Drupal

I originally set this site up with anonymous comments enabled and a CAPTCHA-type module to prevent spam. Well, it failed. It seems that spambots have crossed some lesser Turing threshold, or at least been hard-coded to answer simple mathematical questions. That left me with over 10,000 unapproved comments in the queue, and the Drupal 7 interface lets you delete them 50 at a time, with a few clicks. You can do the math...


I suspect most people in the US have found themselves on the business end of a Scantron® sheet before — the green-inked test response form that so uncompromisingly demands #2 pencils. In fact, the mere sight of one probably evokes a visceral, fight-or-flight adrenaline response in many Homo sapiens, much as the sight of a Smilodon did back in its time.