Indispensable free software tools for amateur photographers

There are some really great applications around for editing and managing photographs, and some of the best ones are (unsurprisingly) either pet projects of an individual or the output of a research lab of a company which are offered for free or as shareware. These labors of love cover everything i've ever needed to do with photographs, and do so with as little fuss and mess as possible.


Blu-ray, linux and 1080p HD playback

I promised my friends a glorious, full HD Star Trek experience in my birthday party invitation, which means i've had to spend some time trying to finally achieve the Blu-ray experience i had envisioned when i put together my current box (almost two years ago, yes). Practical Blu-ray playback in linux has been a long time coming. The question is, has it arrived?

Why i bike

I get asked this a lot, and it's not always by external voices. So here's my manifesto, a title scribed in the immutable pixels of a video monitor (ahem) to explain this curious habit of mine.

I am the very model of a modern Facebook criminal

I now, technically, have a Facebook account, and this is how it came about.

A friend asked me when i was going to get on Facebook, and i explained that i was tired of social networking sites long before Facebook had displaced the (by my count) second generation web-based social network, Myspace (with Friendster then being the first).