Boldy Went

Capt Rob T. Kirk and First Officer Nathan Spock

The Onion's tongue-in-cheek coverage of the release of the newer, younger, edgier Star Trek movie was fairly succinct: this is Star Trek for the masses, but with plenty of cliches and feel-good revisionings of classic characters to keep the die-hard Trekies happy (if such a thing is possible). 

I'm glad i had no inkling whatsoever about the film going into it because there are some pretty big twists that were more fun to find en route. At the risk of spoilers, i just want to say that i found the use of instancing to deftly leap all kinds of potential pitfalls that are inherent in making a prequel, amusing. Virtualization and instancing are so popular in the tech world that it's simply poetic to find it applied to Star Trek.

I am not a fan of the current trend in movie production of using deliberate motion blur as a stylistic element. We finally have the technology to capture high-speed chases and firefights in crystal clarity, and Hollywood is all set on smearing it. Perhaps they are trying to blur the fact that instead of going to 4k resolution technology (the next escalation of the HD progression), they should be upping the frame rate to something higher than the dismal 24 fps that isn't really capable of handling modern effects. But i digress.

Rob came along and brought three Trek costumes, and pointed out that we are, in actuality, basically a Spock-Kirk duo. It was funny because there's more than a little bit of truth in that. It was definitely ten times more fun going to see the movie with Rob involved. 

We saw it at the IMAX at Jordan's Furniture. It's a good venue for watching a movie, but there was not a single other costume in sight.

Anyway, what was going to be a simple photo blog entry has turned into an essay, so let me just conclude by saying that besides the huge, gaping plot hole centered around Earth (pun intended...), it was a fun and enjoyable and (more than) worthy addition to the Star Trek portfolio. Seeing Spock and Kirk as something besides doddering old men created empathies (and antipathies) the original series never could for me.

Caption: Capt Rob T. Kirk and First Officer Nathan Spock