So, you want to buy a bike...

Racks overflowing with bikes
Racking up a few bikes at MIT

It happened: the pitbull of practicality seized you by the scruff and dragged you to the realization that you want to buy a bike — a real bike — not the kind of bike you only see perched in a car rack so that it can be carried to a place where it can be ridden, or the midlife crises you see cruising around the local multiuse path that cost more than a used car, weigh less than a respectable U-lock, and are designed to be tossed out after the first crash. No! You want the kind of bike you can get on, ride somewhere, lock up, and do something. Or maybe one that you can just get on and go ride and decide to skip doing something else altogether.

Welcome, friend! Let me put some training wheels on for you and guide you through the process.