On the downside of a mobile phone monoculture (or: how my PDAs went extinct)

An Eulogy for the PDAs in my life

I've been musing about the popularity and proliferation of ebook readers and smart phones lately. From my observations, many students these days use their phones as their main (or perhaps only) access to email, Facebook, Twitter and other amazing products of Internet technology, bringing communication in the digital age full circle. (Applications to apps, phones to phones?)

Indispensable free software tools for amateur photographers

There are some really great applications around for editing and managing photographs, and some of the best ones are (unsurprisingly) either pet projects of an individual or the output of a research lab of a company which are offered for free or as shareware. These labors of love cover everything i've ever needed to do with photographs, and do so with as little fuss and mess as possible.